Chick-fil-A Announces Progress Toward Corporate Social Responsibility Goals in 2022 Global Impact Report

Staff Report

Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

Today Chick-fil-A, Inc. released its 2022 Global Impact Report detailing the company's corporate social responsibility commitments and demonstrated efforts to care for people, local communities and the planet, while also showing care through food.

The report includes ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility goals. By 2025, Chick-fil-A seeks to impact more than 50,000 restaurant Team Members through education initiatives, provide 200 million meals throughout the communities it serves through Chick-fil-A Shared Table®, divert 25 million pounds of restaurant food waste from landfills and provide more than three million people with resources that support economic mobility.

"A genuine commitment to serving others and caring for local communities is at the core of who we are at Chick-fil-A and at the heart of everything we do," said Brent Fielder, Sr. Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Chick-fil-A, Inc. "We prioritize corporate social responsibility initiatives throughout our global footprint as we strive to have a positive influence in all of the communities we serve."

The following milestones are reflected in the report.

Caring for people:

Helped 12,700 restaurant Team Members pursue higher education through more than $24 million in scholarships.
Awarded $740,000 in grants in the inaugural year of The Chick-fil-A Together Fund to assist members of the Chick-fil-A community in times of need.
Caring for our communities:

Invested $5 million into community organizations through the True Inspiration Awards® program, awarding grants to nonprofits making a local impact.
Donated $3.5 million to Feeding America® to help provide more than 17 million meals to communities facing hunger in recognition of restaurant openings in the U.S.
Donated $100,000 to Second Harvest Canada in support of the fight against hunger throughout Canada.
Engaged 31,500 Chick-fil-A Leader Academy™ students in a nationwide service effort to give one million books to local elementary schools, nonprofits and children's hospitals.
Provided training, support and resources to help more than 400 nonprofit leaders maximize their impact through Chick-fil-A Impact Accelerator.
Donated $1 million to the American Red Cross to help support critical humanitarian aid needs in Ukraine and within neighboring countries.
Caring for others through our food:

Achieved the milestone of helping create more than 18 million meals since 2012 by donating surplus food to local organizations through the Chick-fil-A Shared Table® program.
Donated 41,800 additional Chick-fil-A® meals from Operators and Chick-fil-A, Inc. to other nonprofits throughout the communities served.
Caring for our planet:

Diverted more than 13.9 million pounds of restaurant food waste from landfills through food donations, composting, the use of anerobic digesters and more.
Recycled used cooking oil from more than 1,000 Chick-fil-A® restaurants, converting it into renewable diesel.
Piloted an innovative solar-powered microgrid system at a restaurant in Stockton, Calif., to address the issue of planned and unplanned power outages and the need for greater renewable energy.