Georgia's Favorite Fruit and Veg are Revealed in Brand New Study

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

  • In Georgia, apples are the most popular amongst fruits and vegetables.

  • Mangoes rank in second place.

  • Bananas are the third most popular.

The study conducted by health and fitness experts at Total Shape reveals the most popular fruit and vegetables across each US state.

The experts used the top twenty most popular fruits and the twenty most popular vegetables in the US and used Google search data to examine the search volumes of fruit and vegetables across each state.

The fruits and vegetables receiving the most monthly searches in Georgia are as follows:

  1. Apples are the most popular, averaging 150,583 monthly searches.

  2. Mangoes rank in second place, with an average of 20,150 monthly searches.

  3. Bananas are the third most popular, with 12,142 average monthly searches.

Overall, the study reveals Apples are the most popular fruit across the US, storming ahead of the rankings with an average monthly search volume of 4,684,392.

Mangoes are the second most popular across the US, with an average search volume of 655,623, followed by bananas in third with 367,080 google searches per month.

A spokesperson from Total Shape has commented on the research,

“There are more than 750 varieties of apples in the world, and more than 100 types of apples existing in the US alone, so it is no surprise that apples are the most popular fruit.”

“Pursuing a healthy lifestyle is a hot topic across the US, and research shows around half of Americans are healthy eaters, according to their own testimonies.”

“However, there are common barriers which make healthy eating difficult. 46% of US adults declare healthy eating is ‘too expensive’, 23% say they have ‘too little time to cook/prepare’, whilst 20% have a lack of knowledge around healthy diets.

“There are many wonderful fruits and vegetables available to help keep you fuller for longer and boost your mood.  

“Particularly high fiber fruits and vegetables like raspberries, mangos, and leafy greens are great and keep you full longer because they take your body a long time to digest.  

“Also, any dark-colored vegetables like mushrooms and brocolli are generally higher the fiber content.  

“The best way to alter eating habits are to make fruits and vegetables convenient for snacking by storing them in easy access portions in your kitchen. Pack combinations like peanut butter and celery for your daily lunch to get a kick of protein with your fiber.  

“You'll be amazed how easy it is to double or triple your day plant-based foods intake when you become intentional about it.” 

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